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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Note: This post is loaded with pics.

Finally, I was able to post our pictures during Christmas! What I've posted in this album were taken from December 24 to 26. Now here's the brief story behind the pics.

My dad chose to clean the car trunk the day before Christmas, during the afternoon, when Issen just woke up from his afternoon nap and his energy level was high. I saw the open and empty car trunk, and this is what I thought I'd do.

Issen the car trunk invader

Whaaat? I thought he looked so cute inside, don't you? I also took a video while he was there. When I took him out and Lolo went on to clean the trunk, we discovered that Issen left his "mark" and peed inside pala. Hehehe. Check out the video here.

When I put him down, he went on and started playing with his Lolo's car maintenance things.

Later in the evening, only four individuals (and a half, if you include Issen ) remained in the house: me, Mr. Frost, and my parents. My brother went with his family and spent Christmas Eve with his in-laws. We didn't bother preparing a fancy dinner since there are only four of us. And since the house helps were on vacation too, we decided to take it easy on Christmas Eve and save our energy and prepare something fancier for Christmas Day lunch, when all my brothers will be with us. Here's us during dinner.

Mr. Frost, me, Papa, and Mama

And yeah, we saved opening of gifts for the next day. So after dinner, we called it a night. And oh, Issen fell asleep hours before dinner so we were able to eat in peace.

The next day, the kids were so excited about their gifts that they didn't bother much eating. They played around the house, waiting impatiently for the grownups to finish eating so we can start the gift-giving. Mr. Frost and my brothers set up the barbecue grill at the yard and cooked the marinated one of my brothers brought.

Christmas Day lunch with my brothers and newphews

Anyway, come gift-giving time, I was the one tasked to get each gift from under the Christmas tree and call out the name of the recipient. Nobody was supposed to open the gift right away. We all waitrd until all the gifts have been disposed off, then we moved on outside to the garage to open them.

I forgot to take a picture of Issen's loots. But it was fun looking at his face as he watch me unwrap his gifts one by one and the way his eyes brighten up each time I hand him an unwrapped gift.

Here's our family picture just before Issen jammied up and prepared for bed.

Am I the only one who wants this picture taken? I'm the only one smiling!

Here's the link to Issen's video while having lunch the day after Christmas. It's a little dark, but he looked so adorable trying to eat on his own. By the way, there are more pics on this album about this particular meal time where Issen showed his secret for a smooth skin.

There. Now watch out for my update about our New Year celebration. I should be able to post it by the end of the week.

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