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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
With the anticipated coming of Baby Frost #2 on April, there's no doubt our family is growing. Mr. Frost and I have been planning on getting a place and settling down on our own again, just like during the first few months of our married life. No apartment rentals this time, though; we want to own the place we'll be living in.

My dad suggested that instead of buying a brand new house and lot from real estate agents, we could just renovate the garage area and build something on the garage's second floor since part of the lot our house is standing on now is mine anyway.

It's a nice idea and would be advantageous for us in many aspects. One, we could cut down on costs and save a lot of money compared to relocation to a new city or subdivision. Two, lifestyle change would be kept to a minimum since we don't have to adjust to a new route going to and from work. And three, we could enjoy the advantage of having our own house, albeit in the same compound, and still have my parents around at the same time.

I want to stay with them, or at least very physically close to them, for as long as possible because I want them to enjoy the company of my children.

There are disadvantages, of course, and we are still weighing our options. Hopefully we make a decision before it's too late and my dad changes his mind. :)

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