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Wednesday, January 02, 2008 - A Great Place for Search

Yeah, I stumbled upon this new format of search engine. Apparently, what sets it apart from its Older counterparts is its feature that gives ability to users to personalize his/her search through tags and show his/her preferences to his/her network. It's not another social network, because it's main purpose is to provide a more relevant search result to the user, but you can find you friends who use the service and they also have private messaging features.

Anyway, as I understand it, you can rate each result that comes out of your search a rating based on how relevant or useful that particular result was to you. You can vote for or against it. There are also tags that can help you narrow down your search. For example, if you enter "Sting, you can click on "North American Soccer League", "singer", or "World Championship Wrestling alumni", among other choices, to get the exact identity or group you are looking for.

I tried my own search, of course. I entered the screen name of my all-time favorite actor, Al Pacino and I was not surprised that, aside from being followed by lots of individuals who took his name for themselves, Robert de Niro's (another favorite of mine) profile was next to his. And when you enter de Niro's name on the search tab, you'll find Pacino's profile next to his in the results. Those two are parallel to each other.

The search is not limited to individuals, though. You can also try and get interesting results when you search for other things like groups or categories. Try searching for drunk driving or Brazilian models and you should end up with interesting results that would make you sit in front of the computer for hours.You could also find amusing and intriguing details/facts about some celebrities.

It's a generally nice site to browse through when you have enough spare time in your hands. You can only imagine where your search results can bring you.

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