Roses are not always red
Friday, January 04, 2008
Most of us are probably trying catch our breath now that the Christmas holidays are over. We need a breather after that last-minute shopping, Christmas feast preparations, gift wrapping, and all the works. Some, however, are getting ready for the next gift-giving occasion: Valentine's Day. Flowers and chocolates sell like hotcakes when the month of February starts.

Roses, however, are the most popular flowers here in the Philippines. Red, pink, yellow, white roses. There are even blue and black Roses. All colors you can imagine, you'll find them around the metro, more easily during Valentine's season. People buy them and give them as gifts for whatever reason they can think of - a thank-you gift, a forgive-me gift, for Mother's Day, anniversaries, "monthsaries", etc. If you're a guy, you don't need an occasion to give roses to your loved one. If you're a girl and you received flowers, usually a dozen long-stemmed red roses, you can bet anything that whoever gave you those flowers consider you very, very special. Especially if it came from a guy. Take my word for it.

I'm not a big fan of flowers, but if I were to receive Roses, my knees go weak over the white, budding ones, those that are just about to open their petals and haven't fully bloomed. For me it symbolizes your pure, unadulterated intention to make me feel very special. White makes me feel like I'm being put high up on a pedestal, worshiped like the goddess that I am. :)

Okay, I'm starting to drift off to Fantasyland. Back to the real world.

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