Search for my weapon against dust
Friday, January 04, 2008
Mr. Frost has a terrible case of allergy against dust and cats. So terrible that he almost died from it in his younger years, when he woke up because he can't breathe and found a cat sitting on his chest. His mom had to rush him to the hospital that time.

Good thing we don't have cats here at home, but the yard and structure of the house made it very prone to dust. I've been wanting to suck the dust off to oblivion but assembling the vacuum cleaner parts are a bit complicated and too toxic for me. I'd like to get one of those handheld vacuums that are conveniently small but very effective.

And when I get my hands on my handheld dust exterminator, I could kiss them microscopic menaces goodbye and sleep well at night knowing Mr. Frost won't need his antihistamines anymore.


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