Love-Hate connection
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Got tagged by Liz. (Thanks, sis! Good luck on your party planning! )

1. I love to eat: anything that Mr. Frost cooked. He's really a better cook than I am.
2. I hate to eat: something that I'm not craving for at that very moment.
3. I love to go: window-shopping (or actual shopping, if I have the money ) for baby stuff and graphic novels.
4. I hate to go: somewhere that would take me more than an hour to reach. (At least now, at my current state of pregnancy)
5. I love it when: my family spends quality time in bed upon waking up
6. I hate it when: my feet get wet because of the rain, especially when I'm not at home.
7. I love to see: Paris! (Please, Lord, let me see Paris before I die. )
8. I hate to see: the look on Mr. Frost's face whenever he finds something that would be a great addition to his collection, but we can't buy at the very moment. It really breaks my heart.
9. I love to hear: Mr. Frost's and Sikei's goodnight "sing" ritual before going to bed
10. I hate to hear: songs of "bands" I hate.

Feel free to grab the tag!

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