EXHIBIT 002 - Console Chart
Monday, January 14, 2008
Video gamers in budget are faced with a dilemma: which video game system should I get? I say those who are in budget because those who have money to burn do not experience this problem. They simply buy all three next-generation consoles in the market.

There's the PlayStation 3, or more commonly known as PS3, from Sony. Microsoft released Xbox 360 and Nintendo has their Wii.

All three has their own pros and cons, and I know several people losing sleep over which console to buy. I recently found a way to help you decide between a PS3, an Xbox360, a Wii, and even a PC. Presenting the Console Chart...

This image never fails to amuse me any time of the day.

No offense to next-gen console owners. I hope you still have some sense of humor left in you after hours of playing with your toys.

By the way, I don't know where exactly this image originated from, because what I got was just the imageShack link. In case you stumble upon the source of this chart, please let me know.

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