"The Name", the siopao, and the lists
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
It's been almost a month since my last post. Been feeling lethargic lately.

Finally, I can announce Issen's full name. Nope, it isn't "The Name" that I was referring to in this post.

Behold, the name of the child that will soon terrorize humanity...

Of all the names that we considered and that crossed our minds, I decided to give Issen the name we thought of way back when we first found out we're pregnant.

Funny but when Mr. Frost said that we can't have the German name (which I still won't mention ), I somehow felt that Constantine was the one we're looking for, no matter what I said about feeling so strongly about the other name as I mentioned in this post. I didn't say anything and just let it hang for a while. After a couple of weeks, I knew our son will be forever known as Constantine Keith A. Morales.

Anyway, here are some recent pics taken during an event we went to last weekend. As Mr. Frost said, all we need is asado sauce and I'm ready to be eaten. One special Meng siopao-face, coming up!

Marlon (middle) won the "Shiny Cheeks of the Night" award, beating me and Calvin (left)

Pao, Pam, Karen, and me answering the question, "What color is your teeth?"

Do I really have to explain why I'm smiling like crazy in this pic? With Kamikazee freakos Jay and Jomal

Jay and Jomal surrounded by a group of people aspiring to be toothpaste models

Also, I made use of what little HTML coding skill I have and made two one-pagers dedicated to Issen's stuff. I've included them in my pit stops on my sidebar. One is a checklist of the things we need to have before Issen's arrival.

The other one is a wishlist, which is similar to a baby registry. Here, I put images of nice-to-have items I want to have for Issen.

So, ninongs, ninangs, anybody else who are clueless on what to give Issen, I'll be updating those two sites regularly for your benefit. Just click on the images and you'll be transported to the answers to your prayers.
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