Fourteen days in the twilight zone
Monday, August 07, 2006
It's about two weeks since my last entry, which I posted on my birthday.

A lot of things happened - things worthy of all the acknowledgement and recognition I could give, or at least, things that I wanted to share with everyone... But alas, my ability to string sensible words together took a vacation again. It's not back yet, but I decided to post an entry to let you know that I still exist.

I owe you people these stories:
- Mr. Frost's birthday gifts (the improvised cake wasn't the last one!)
- Baby Frost's nickname
- My new art hobby
- Baby Frost's latest ultrasound image
- Our blessings

Those are the ones on top of my head, but there are definitely more stuff that happened over the past two weeks.

Really, I'm not feeling so good lately I practically forced myself to be literate enough to be able to come up with this pathetic entry.

I promise I'll have more stuff on my next post.
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