#9 - The corporate playground
Saturday, July 15, 2006
Nine days to countdown...

Okay, okay.

I'm practically cramming here (again... so what's new?) because the day is almost over and I still don't have an idea what to mark day #9 with.

Thank God I remembered Nocturnal Sun's description of our workplace in his Friendster profile.

Under Companies, he said:
"some office where you can wear anything, play games and get payed (sic) for it and most of all, drinking beer is the norm"

And every word is true.

Our uniform is our own fashion sense. Our dress code is our imagination.

And yes, when your boss sees you playing computer games on your workstation during office hours, he would probably watch you play and pester you with endless questions on how you got so good on your game. Or just press your PC's power button out of spite. Or brag about his own character being in this high level, equipped with so-and-so rare items.

That is considering, of course, you have no pending deliverables. For those who are so addicted to computer games like me, this place is heaven.

The thing about the beer is, believe it or not, correct.

Our COO (child of owner ) once said, "A (insert company name here) employee should be able to hold his alcohol." And he said that during one of our weekly Beer Cart Fridays, where a keg of beer is brought in our Marketing Area and everyone gathers for some company updates and lots of beer. During office hours, may I add.

But hey, don't get me wrong. We are seriously working. It may sound that we're having too much fun, but we don't forget the reason why we are in the company in the first place. We may have lots of fun but that doesn't mean we don't understand the concept of the commonly abused word "JOB".

Another thing that I love about our company is the people I work with. Yes, I know, there would always be idiots and jerks in a company, but hey, don't forget that they are the only ones who can make our work life difficult yet interesting and more fun at the same time. Don't you just love how they drive your humdrum life crazy? But generally, the people I work with are incredible.

No one forgets to enjoy whatever it is they're doing. They always find reasons to laugh and have fun while working, even during stressful days and when pressured with deadlines.

Likewise, everybody practically takes care of me in my pregnancy. When they see me eating something I shouldn't be eating, like chocolate or chips, people tell me off. Every single time. It's a friendly scolding, really, so I don't get offended. Why should I? They're right, I should be careful of what I eat.

When somebody sees me still at the office after 8PM, the usual line is, "Why are you still here? You're supposed to be home already, sleeping!" Then he or she would take a pice of whatever it is I'm eating because I'd most probably be offering them something just so they'd leave me in peace.

And that's just a couple of things to give you an idea how my officemates care for me and my baby. Some are so involved that they feel they should be with me inside the delivery room come birthing day. And I'm not complaining. I love it that my officemates are concerned of my well-being. Really, I am grateful that I work with the most wonderful people.

I could go on and on about things that I love about working (or should I say, hanging out) in this company. But the fact remains: I am enjoying my stay with the company.

I guess my present work is one of the things that I've been taking for granted. I go to work everyday and don't think of how lucky I am to be going some place where I'll have eight solid hours of fun.

And I'm getting paid for it.

So there goes another reason for me to be grateful and happy come my birthday. And there's me completing my day #9 countdown marker in the nick of time.
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