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Monday, July 10, 2006
I stumbled upon fellow w@wie Toni's blog and found myself relating to her post
My Uncle's Last Day as an Officer.

Some random facts about my family's military background:
My father is a retired Philippine Air Force (PAF) general.
His only brother was a PMA alumnus and is married to a high-ranking military nurse. He served the Philippine Army until he passed away last year.
My brother is a PAF pilot.
My other brother is PAF enlisted personnel.
Still another brother works for a military bank.
My maternal grandfather was a Philippine Army major.
My mother grew up with her uncle, who was a PAF officer.
My mother's sister has been with the Department of National Defense since she graduated college until now, and she's retiring this Novemeber.
All five of us, my four brothers and me, were born in military hospitals.
All five of us started school at military preschools.
I grew up in a military base and lived there until my father retired last 2001.
My college thesis (with Charitess) was about media coverage in military operations.
We live in a village whose residents are mostly from the AFP and PNP. By the way, the village used to be part of Fort Bonifacio.
I have countless close relatives in military service.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I could probably write a book about my military-related experiences. I have a good twenty years worth of it. Most of the interesting stuff happened when my dad was the base commander of the base we were living in.

I have tons of pics that would tell a hell lot of amusing stories. As soon as I sort them out, I'll post them here with their respective stories.

The bottomline is, reading Toni's post brought back so much memories. Loooooooooots of 'em. And it made me think about my views on national issues concerning the military.

Most especially, I was reminded of how proud I am of my father, whose values has made him one of the most memorable officers for his subordinates.

I owe you people another post about my dad.

Thanks, Toni. You opened my floodgate of memories. And it feels so good to wallow in them.

Have to turn in now. My fairy godmother said I only have until one in the morning till my golden coach turns back into a giant kalabasa.
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