Then and now...
Thursday, June 29, 2006
I've been really slim or payatot, if you will, since time immemorial. Here's a couple of pics before I got pregnant, way before the wedding.

And when people ask me, "Meng, kelan ka ba tataba?" ("Meng, when will you gain weight?"), I always say, when I marry and bear a child.

When I got pregnant, people still wondered why I don't look like it. That they look more pregnant than I am. Finally, now that I am on my 20th week, there's no denying that yes, indeed, I AM PREGNANT.

Check out how I look now and compare it to the pics above!

Thanks to my officemates Jerry and Patrick for taking the pics!

Here's another couple of before-and-after pics.


Can you still see the little hole above my bellybutton on the "AFTER" pic? A navel ring used to be there. Yes, I have a pierced navel. I got it during my Puerto Galera vacation last May 2004. The navel ring has to go to make sure I don't experience any problems. As soon as I give birth, I'm getting a new navel ring. Yey!
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  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger + Liz +'s ambushed thoughts were:

    sis, parang payat ka parin. Lumaki lang yung tyan mo. hehehehe

    but still looking good :)

    miss you


  • At 12:44 AM, Blogger Trishmonkey's ambushed thoughts were:

    Ugh, I'm always reminded of how rude people in the Philippines can be...

    When I go home to visit, I'm really not looking forward to the "You got so fat!" comments. Even from people I don't know. It's just annoying in general.