Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Finally, the long overdue makeover has taken place. The domain of the Goddess has a new look! And the Goddess is proud to say that she did the design all by herself. Almost all by herself, that is.

Well, of course, my knowledge of HTML codes is limited so I had to get help. Thanks to youpmovei of, I got the codes of this simple yet beautiful blog skin, entitled Then I modified it to fit my personality. And now you see the result of my patience to create something on my own.

I must say that I really love how my blog looks now. It has my favorite color and Mr. Frost's favorite pictures of me. I did the images from scratch, using the original image as guide for size.

And I also changed the headings on the sidebar and my self-descriptopn, just to give my blog a bit more flavor.

Now you know why I haven't been able to post an update earlier! I was too busy looking for a skin to use as a guide! :)

Nothing much happened the past few days. The previous weekend was long because Monday was Philippine Independence Day. Mr. Frost and I were able to get several hours of relaxation to prep us for this week.

Oh, and another thing, I'm temporarily unreachable through my mobile phone until Friday because my unit is at the repair shop. Minions, you may reach me through Mr. Frost's mobile phone.

I'm still admiring my work so nothing "kwento"-worthy is coming out of my sorry excuse of a brain. Sometimes, I surprise even myself.

I'll try and post something much much better tomorrow.
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