The move and the love
Monday, May 29, 2006
Mr. Frost and I have moved to our new place. It's not "ours," actually, it was my room when I was still living with my parents.

We moved in with my parents to prepare for the coming of Baby Frost. Anyone who needs more explanation than that deserves to eat dung.

Anyway, we started preparing our things for the move last Thursday. That was the schedule of the company outing, and since Mr. Frost and I decided that the 4-hour travel won't be good for Baby Frost, we took a two-day leave and scheduled the move instead.

It took me two days to prepare the Fort Bonifacio room for the move. My old room, although I still use it whenever we visit my parents, was partially used as a storage area. Some of my mom's stuff, which she doesn't and probably will never use, took up about a quarter of the room. Another quarter was taken up by my nephews' and nieces' old and broken toys. My old stuff took a big part of the room, and when I sorted them out, I ended up throwing up about 50% of them.

Mr. Frost and I barely slept Saturday night and woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning. We left Fort Bonifacio with the moving truck at 4:30AM. We finished moving our things from Tandang Sora to Fort Bonifacio at around 7:30AM.

The room was quite small, and it's amazing how Mr. Frost was able to fit most of our prized possessions there. And how he made the room look like a real bedroom in just one day.

And he did it all by himself.

He worked tirelessly inside the room ALL DAY to make the room look like a real nice bedroom. That's not easy considering we had lots of stuff we wanted to keep in the room. There's the TV set, DVD player, desktop computer, loooooots of books, DVDs, Mr. Frost's magical gold fish, and of course, Sikei's precious toys.

Not that I didn't do anything. I took care of "merging" our kitchen stuff in my mom's kitchen. And it's not that easy as well since I had to tidy up the kitchen also. My mom has this unexplainable fondness over old, useless things, so I had to be careful not to be seen when throwing things out.

I so appreciate everything that Mr. Frost is doing for me. I really feel so blessed to have married such a considerate, loving, super caring, and understanding person. He never fails to make me feel like a princess every single day. Now I understand how it feels when I hear someone say, "There's nothing more you could ask for."

Thinking about Mr. Frost and how he takes care of me always make my heart overflow with love for him. And when I feel such overflowing emotion, I feel like crying and hugging him like there's no more tomorrow. In case you find any problem with that, blame the pregnancy hormones, okay? But I am basking in this pleasurable state Mr. Frost (and Sikei, of course) so willingly and lovingly provides me.

"How can I explain to you the way I feel inside when I think of you? I thank you for everything that you showed me. Don't you ever forget that I love you..."

Thank you, Mr. Frost, for thinking that I deserve your love and affection.

(aMbUsH101's note: To those who find this virtual public display of affection too cheesy for comfort, I hope you experience the kind of love Mr. Frost and I share so you'll understand where people like me get their guts to do these kinds of things. And when you do, kindly leave a message in my tagboard indicating your blog or website so I can see who's cheesier, you or me.)
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