Baby Frost's daily growth
Friday, March 17, 2006
Baby Frost is now approximately 6 weeks old, and looks something like this now (not actual image nor size): says about Baby Frost's development today, March 17:

"Hello in there! The inner ear is forming. Cynics say it doesn't matter but singing to baby can be fun and enjoyable -- so sing your favorite tunes."

Unfortunately, my favorite tunes (GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU!!!) are not suitable for Baby Frost's development. So I'll have to make a big sacrifice and listen to Wolfgang... Amadeus Mozart and friends. No hard feelings, really. I'm just gonna miss Dave, James, Eddie, Anthony, and the rest of the guys.

Great thing my boss is an angel and he lent me several CDs of classical music AND a very useful book: What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Last night, I was feeling extra worse. Mr. Frost read me parts of the book that helped both of us understand why I'm feeling that way, and taught us what to do to help me deal with those experiences.

Hindi ko alam kung sang kangkungan ako pupulutin if Mr. Frost and Sikei were not here by my side. Well, in the first place, if Mr. Frost isn't around, I wouldn't be having Baby Frost. :)

Hey, Mr. Frost! You wanna see Baby Frost's daily development? Click on the title!
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