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Monday, May 22, 2006
A couple of weeks back, Mr. Frost and I were having our favorite McDonald's breakfast and I was being my bitchy, pregnant self. I was giving him a taste of hell so early in the morning for no reason at all, and what does he have to say?

"I want my wife back."

That struck a nerve. And made me think the whole damn day. And the weeks that followed.

It's amazing how pregnancy change the lives of countless women.

The change in these things is inevitable and expected. Lifestyle, priorities, view of life in general, relationship with the people around them, wardrobe, waistline, dietary habits.


Is deterioration of the brain a common pregnancy symptom?

Mr. Frost may be as patient as Mother Teresa and continue to forgive my irrationality. I may find a thousand reasons to justify my bitchiness while I am pregnant. Still, nothing will ever change the fact that, while Mr. Frost has been doing everything in his power to make things easier for me, all I have done in return is make his life miserable.

It took me weeks to find the time to write something about this, but that doesn't make my statement mean less.

I'm starting not to like the person I have become.

Mr. Frost and I used to bash each other in a crazy, fun way. Now, Mr. Frost has to watch every joke he makes as nobody knows what can set me off.

When I start reading a nice book, I used to stay engrossed in it for hours, even days. Now, my attention span is shorter than Mr. Frost's fingernails.

I used to be rational and seldomly show my annoyance openly. Now, I lack powers of understanding that I can snap at anybody for the smallest thing.

Mr. Frost and I used to have interesting conversations we can stay at home all day just talking. Now, unless it's about Baby Frost, I barely last five sentences.

Yep, I definitely don't like the person I have become. I only hope I haven't driven my "nice" self too far so I can still convince her to come back.

So Mr. Frost can be happy and have fun again. He deserves no less.

I'm sorry, Mr. Frost. I'll do my best to bring your wife back.
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