The "monthsary" and 06.06.06
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Last Saturday, June 3, was our 6th wedding "monthsary". We don't really celebrate our monthly things; most of the time we let the day pass without acknowledgement. Except, maybe, for the occasional "Hey, it's our <insert number here> nth monthsary. Get off the PC, it's my turn to play." But that doesn't make our relationship mean less.

Some people may think we're being unromantic, but if you really know us, you wouldn't be surprised. We're not into ceremonializing "monthsaries" because we don't let a day pass without celebrating our love for each other.

We don't need an occasion to do so.

We did go out last Saturday. It was supposed to be a get-together for the Wednesday Movie Night group; unfortunately, some people had last-minute emergencies to go to. And we planned that way before we realized what date it was gonna be. So does that qualify as a "monthsary" date?

But okay, just for "kilig" factor's sake, let's say it does.

We watched the latest X-Men movie (Finally! See Mr. Frost's review of the movie here.) We brought a family-sized Greenwich Special inside the cinema and I ate almost all of it. Man, Baby Frost is so takaw!

Afterwards, we went to do our grocery and Mr. Frost bought his fishies, much to Sikei's delight. Then, I asked my brother to pick us up as getting a cab was next to impossible due to the heavy downpour.

There's our so-called date.

I enjoyed every minute of it not because it was our sixth wedding "monthsary," (my apologies to the monthsary fanatics, but I really don't think there's such a thing) but because I get to spend another work-free day with Mr. Frost.


Funny. A lot of people are making a big deal out of today's date, 06.06.06. Somewhere in the United States, they're glorifying the date with a "Party in Hell". A classic movie's anticipated remake, The Omen, starts screening today.

I'm sure a lot of boohoos will come out saying the end is near and all that crap. Millions of idiots will blame every single misfortune that occur today to the date, saying it's the devil's fault. For Pete's sake, the devil has a lot more important things to do than "maghasik ng lagim" today. In the first place, he does that every day, so why would today make any difference? Because of the damn date? You actually think the devil cares about the date? Be responsible for your own stupidity.

For me, today is month 6, day 3 of our honeymoon. Also, Baby Frost is 17 weeks and 2 days in my womb and in 159 days, sya naman ang maghahasik ng lagim.

Prepare yourselves for the terror.
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