Baby Frost's gender and my new addiction
Monday, June 19, 2006
(For those who can't wait and just want to know Baby Frost's gender and see Baby Frost's first pic, you're free to scroll down and ignore the wonderful story behind Baby Frost's first kicks. )

I'm writing this entry at home and I'm posting this online first thing on Monday morning.

It's a Saturday night but this entry isn't just about what happened today. I was just too preoccupied and, as Mr. Frost said, "high" on the recent developments in our pregnancy.

As you may have witnessed, I got busy with designing blogs. After my own blog's makeover, I did a design for a friend. Then I finally did Sikei's long overdue replacement for his outdated website.

After designing two other blogs, I find myself unsatisfied with what I did with my own so I'm working on another redesign. But I want it to be the best I've done so I'm taking my time.

Thursday, June 15
For the first time, I felt Baby Frost "kick" inside my tummy. Actually, I've been feeling those kinds of movements inside me but I ignored it because it was hardly noticeable I sometimes think I was just imagining it. But that afternoon, I felt him "kick" hard. I freaked out at first because I didn't know what it was. I placed my hand over my tummy where I felt the movement, and there it was again. When I felt Baby Frost's "kick" against my hand, I knew.

I was chatting with Mr. Frost that time and I immediately told him what I was feeling. Here's a part of our conversation that very moment.

Later that night, I told Mr. Frost that I forgot to write something about Baby Frost's first kick on my blog. He said it's alright because I was still "high" from the joy I felt. Indeed, it was a different kind emotion. I cannot describe how I felt, and still feeling, and I refuse to do so as my description might not do justice to my emotions.

Friday, June 16
Yes, it was a different kind of high, but I felt like something was lacking. I wanted Mr. Frost to feel what I'm feeling. I wanted so bad for him to feel his child's first evident sign of existence.

Baby Frost kicked again that afternoon (albeit not as hard) while Mr. Frost was around, but he didn't have the chance to feel my tummy.

That night, we we're watching Fantastic Four on DVD when Baby Frost started getting all hyper again. So I took my tummy out and placed my hands over it. Mr. Frost tried to feel Baby, but in vain. He gave up and looked at my tummy instead when he actually "saw" Baby's kick! He saw part of my tummy rise as if something pushed it from the inside. He quickly placed his hand over that part and felt Baby Frost kick hard twice!

The look on Mr. Frost's face was truly priceless, and I was so glad to share Baby Frost's early movements with him. I was so filled with emotion that I cried right there and then. After assuring him that those were tears of happiness, Mr. Frost hugged me and I stayed in his arms until I stopped crying, which was about 10 minutes later.

June 17, Saturday
If you noticed, I have been referring to Baby Frost as "he," or "him," or "his." That's because BABY FROST IS A BOY!

That's right! So, I guess that proves a point now, doesn't it, Nocturnal Sun?

We went to the laboratory to undergo some tests, including an ultrasound that told us Baby Frost's gender. Here are Baby Frost's first pictures:

Not that we didn't want a girl. It didn't matter, actually. We're just so happy to know what Baby Frost's gender is.

Now, we're having a little bit of a difficult time deciding what to name him. We have agreed that if Baby is a girl, her name will be Cerise Valerie Lynn, after Mr. Frost's late mother, Valera Lynn. We haven't decided on a boy's name yet.

Mr. Frost wanted to retain "Keith" as the second name, preferably, and the first name to start with a letter "C." He didn't like my suggestions because he said they sounded gay . But we do have a couple of names in consideration already. And no, Simon Woo, your suggestion isn't one of them.

Oh well, we still have months in our hands so everything's cool.


I am addicted to Baby Frost's kicks.


Now that I am aware of his movements, I always want to feel him move around inside my tummy. Whenever I get the chance, I put my hands over my tummy and wait for Baby Frost's kicks. When I feel him move, I remove my hands and see if I can see a little hump on my tummy. The hump that is Baby Frost's kick.

I get teary-eyed everytime. And Mr. Frost goes crazy when I cry.

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  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger mai's ambushed thoughts were:

    kainggit naman ito. hehe!

    hay..i just can feel your excitement over Baby Frost's kicks..kaya dahil diyan nagclick muna ako ng mga links with a $ value sprawled on your blog. Hay be careful sis though, my first account got suspended kainez! invalid clicks daw. pero got a new one na :D

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    CONGRATZ! Iba nga ang feeling pag your baby kicking inside... hindi mo ma-explain db. hay! nakakatuwa. Baby boy pala... may kalaro na anak ko... Basta eat healthy lang sis!

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    congrats meng!! uy, baka tumaba ka na! kakainggit!!!