Saturday, July 08, 2006
Alright, alright. My conscience won't leave me alone so I'm coming out and saying it in the open.

I was a bad mommy yesterday.

Yes, I was. I stayed up way past my bedtime (notice the time I posted my previous entry "Blog Things"?). I slept at around 3am already.

I ate my favorite Heavenly (It truly is heavenly, aside from the fact that it says so on the wrapper!) Goldilocks choco slice; not one, but two. I drank lots of Coke. And ate a big bag of Nova multigrain snack.
Goldilocks choco slice  Coke

When I told this realization to Mr. Frost this afternoon, he looked me in the eye, shook his head, and said, "Well, you know the consequences of your actions. That gives me the right to say 'I told you so' when the right time comes." And that was followed by an evil grin.

Wonderful, I have married a man whose wickedness and cruelty exceeds mine.

To make up for this slip, which, by the way, happens about every two weeks, I am depriving myself of anything that has chocolate until I give birth. This would not be easy as I have just rediscovered the wonder called Flat Tops.
Flat Tops

Add to that the fact that I crave the sweet, heavenly, comforting taste of chocolate every so often.

Okay, maybe I am overreacting again and the slip isn't all that bad, but what I'm actually dreading is Mr. Frost's proverbial demonic laughter when I heed the help of every saint I know in difficulty of delivering Baby Frost. Of course, he won't actually laugh at me, but the fact that my "paawa" effect and my powerful pout won't work because I didn't listen to him is just as bad.

Oh well, I just have to come up with something new for that purpose.

By the way, take note of this...

My Famous Last Words Will Be:
"So, you're a cannibal."
What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?

Here's another one... I've become soooooooo addicted to these things lately...
You Are 60% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!
How Weird Are You?
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