Three-day rewind
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
I just realized yesterday's post may have sounded too puffed up for some.

If, by any chance and in any way, I have offended you in my blog post entitled "24/7", my sincerest apologies.

I was just expressing my pride in being eternally bound to this relationship. Those who know me always say that I've been through so much hardship and pain in life that I deserve to find happiness.

And now I am happy. Let me bask in it once in a while.


Last week, in my post "The Goddess is high!", I said that I have DECIDED to have a great weekend. And a great weekend I did have.

Saturday, we did our grocery, met up with Mr. Frost's sister, met up with SkyClad and his girl Crystal, went around Riverbanks, bought Mr. Frost's long overdue sneakers, hang around SkyClad's hole till almost 11PM.

Sunday, we stayed at home, did the laundry, sorted out some stuff in our bedroom, watched Pacquiao-Larios match with my parents and siblings. That's pretty much it, but come bedtime, I was exhausted as hell.

It may not sound much, but believe me, that was one of the best weekends in my life. Spending quality time with Mr. Frost and my family brings me to heaven.

Last weekend was, indeed, lots of fun. And I'm already looking forward to this coming weekend.
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    Hello from the United States!! :-)


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    sis! buntis na buntis kana nga! katuwa!!! ang ganda-ganda mo!!! how i wish ganyan din me ka-sexy pag nag-preggy me. muah!

    ohh, ang mood swings...hehehe