#3 - Naming Baby Frost
Friday, July 21, 2006
Three days to countdown...

Today is Mommy Val's birthday. My tribute to her was kinda several days early. To those who doesn't have an idea what I'm talking about, read my post that began the countdown of all countdowns, 10-day countdown begins.

We mark day #3 of our countdown with one of the most imporant things Mr. Frost and I ever had to decide on.

Naming Baby Frost.

In my post Baby Frost's gender and my new addiction, I mentioned that we prepared for a girl's name. We were at a loss as to what name to give Baby Frost now that we found out he's a boy.

A month later, we haven't decided on a name yet, but we already have list of potential names. Actually, Mr. Frost has a list. Yesterday, I have set my heart on a particular name to go with his second name, "Keith."

I have suggested a different name to him previously, but it lost its appeal on me. Mr. Frost was pretty much certain that the name I thought of yesterday would lose its appeal on me again, so he's not really setting his heart on anything yet.

Anyway, I really think that this name is THE ONE. I feel so strongly about it, just the way I felt when I thought of "Cerise" for the girl's name. And this is the feeling I'm waiting for to decide on a name. Apparently, Mr. Frost doesn't share that feeling of certainty, so we'll have to wait.

I'm not mentioning the name here because that's how the other name lost its glamour. I'll announce the name when it's already on his birth certificate!

I really can't wait for Baby Frost to be with us. Oh well, 3 more months to go.
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