The improvised grown-up birthday cake
Monday, July 24, 2006
My birthday has come and my countdown marker stopped at day #3. I started something and I didn't finish it. Pathetic.

I had prepared my marker for the last two days of the countdown. However, due to the forces stronger than my own and circumstances unforseen, I had no internet access over the weekend. Posting them now as markers would ulitmately defeat the purpose of the countdown.

Oh well, I'll just post them one of these days as regular entries.

In the meantime, look what Mr. Frost gave me five minutes into my birthday.

Yes, that's Kevin Matchstick on a blueberry muffin!

That's my improvised "grown-up" birthday cake, courtesy of Mr. Frost. It probably isn't much to look at for most of you, but for me who appreciates the thought and effort more than the present or material gift itself, it is something worth every recognition and acknowledgement I could give it.

Too early for a birthday kwento (story) right now, but thanks a bunch and lots of hugs to those who have sent their greetings in one way or the other.
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    misus, happy birthday!*hugs* your cake!