And then the blow came at the end...
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Alright, this blog update has been long overdue. A lot of things should have been recorded here, but no. My thoughts has been scattered and my dullness has persisted. Indeed, stupidity has been my worst pregnancy symptom. (This is proven normal, check out this feature on

I have been addicted to a new puzzle game. Thanks to somebody from our Finance Department, I got really hooked on Mystery Case Files - Huntsville.

Sorry, I can't resist the urge to brag about my total time record

See my badge? I'm a Master Detective!

As soon as finished it, I discovered its sequel, Mystery Case Files - Prime Suspects. I didn't stop until I got a copy of that game.

This game is driving me crazy! So addicting!

Turned out that the sequel was waaaaaaay harder than the prequel. But it's okay. I'm hoping the game would bring my temporarily-dead brain cells back to life.


Happy birthday to Charie!

Charie was my thesis partner back in college. My partner in crime, my soulmate, my kumare...

She's in Dubai right now, and I certainly hope she's doing fine. The b*tch, she said in her blog that she's having a hard time adjusting there but she hasn't dropped a line to me yet.

Peklat, never forget that whatever happens, my shoulder is always ready for you to lean on, my ears ready to listen, my arms ready to comfort you...

I miss you...


My self-esteem just got a hard blow from a news I just received. I was kinda hoping that a favorable response would somehow strengthen my confidence regarding my financial stability. As fate would have it, I didn't get that favorable response.

I guess I just expected too much. Oh well. Shit happens.

Let's move on to the next party, shall we?

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    I also got addicted to MCF: Hunstville and currently hooked on finishing MCF: Prime're right the latter is way harder..may battery pang nalalaman to turn on the magnifying glass chuva. At kahit nakakainis ang every 5 minutes auto shut-off ng game dahil ala naman akong $20 para magsubscribe at madownload ang full game, nakaka-adik pa rin magsolve..hehe!