Yesterday once more
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
I know I'm supposed to give you the low-down on the things I listed on my previous entry, but I can't help myself but share with you how wonderful my day ended yesterday.

Mr. Frost has been really busy that although we work in the same company, in the same building, on the same floor, we hardly saw each other the whole day. We did have lunch together, though, which was so sweet as we hardly do that for several weeks now. But that's another story. Anyway, after lunch, we saw each other again when it was time to go home.

He was in meetings the whole afternoon that we didn't even had the chance to chat on Yahoo like we always do. I was a so used to chatting with him when workload is light, so when he was not online yesterday, I had nobody to chat with.

My pregnancy hormones fucked up my emotions as well so I was feeling unreasonbly neglected and sorry for myself. My irritation grew worse when my back started to ache (another pregnancy thing, thank you very much) and I wanted to go home, but Mr. Frost still had last-minute work to do and we can't leave till at least an hour.

When we got in the cab on the way home, Mr. Frost drove away all the irritation and negative emotions with his hug and by being his usual sweet self. He even thanked me being his inspiration at work. That he's sorry if I felt he neglected me. I explained that he doesn't have to say sorry. It's his work and of all people, I should understand how demanding his new position can be. (Yes, Mr. Frost has been promoted. Yey! Details later.) He told me not to worry because as soon as we get home, he'll be giving me the back rub I've been craving for the whole day.

And that's what I got, the best back rub ever!

When we got home, we settled down and watched a couple of episodes of My Name Is Earl. It stars Jason Lee, one of our favorite celebrities, whom I've first seen in films directed and produced by Mr. Frost's favorite filmmaker, Kevin Smith, Silent Bob himself. It was so relaxing, having a good laugh after a long day's work, while Mr. Frost giving me a back rub.

After that, Mr. Frost sang me our usual goodnight song and gave me the sweetest kiss in the world before hitting the sack.

What a love-filled, wonderful way to end an otherwise so-so day.

I can't wait to spend another quality time with my Frost family tonight.
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