Who is ISSEN?
Thursday, August 10, 2006
One of my birthday countdown posts was entitled "Naming Baby Frost," and it was about, well, naming Baby Frost.

I still am not gonna tell you what the name I was referring to in that post. But what I can tell you is the nickname Mr. Frost and I have agreed on to give him.

No matter what name Mr. Frost and I decide on, Baby Frost's nickname will be ISSEN (pronounced as ee-sen).

Issen is the term for a special Japanese martial arts move. As for where the hell I got that, can you say Onimusha?

I got the idea of having that as his nickname because the first syllable of The Name (from now on, this will refer to the name I've set my heart on for Baby Frost) sounds a lot like issen. By the way, The Name is of German origin. (Great, I'm dropping clues now. Be patient enough and you'll discover what The Name is through the clues I unconsciously give on my blog posts. Hehehehe. )

Add to that the fact that I like that Japanese term so much ever since Mr. Frost told me he's so proud of me to have learned that move quickly, and that not everyone can do that move at will because of its difficulty. Ah yeah!

Now Baby Frost has a nickname. I can't wait to announce what his full name is and watch with amusement as people twist their tongues trying to pronounce correctly The Name. Hahahaha!
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