At ten weeks to go...
Thursday, August 31, 2006
Time does fly fast when you're having fun and when everything's okay. But when you're feeling all sorts of discomfort, it seems like time stopped turning.

I was so glad when my first trimester ended and I was finally on my second trimester. My first three months of pregnancy was really, really difficult so you could just imagine my joy when the first-tri symptoms started to disappear one by one. No more nausea, fatigue was less, I could finally keep myself awake for an entire movie, I was able to keep the food I eat inside my body.

My second trimester was more relaxed. And I loved every minute of it. My pregnant tummy started to show. Baby Issen started doing acrobats inside and I could feel him move around. I have more energy and life. I was definitely happier.

But then, I guess all good things really do come to an end. Just as I was enjoying my new-found energy, I reached my third trimester.

I started feeling a new batch of pregnancy-caused discomforts. My wit disappeared as my good friend Fatigue came back. I am so dull I sometimes wonder if I have been abducted by extraterrestial beings and replaced my brain with that of (insert name of famous stupid person here).

I've been losing sleep because my bulging tummy keeps on getting in the way of a comfortable sleeping position. And Issen's cartwheels in the middle of the night aren't helping at all. My back is constantly aching. I can't keep a good posture as the weight of my tummy dictates that I swoop down or slouch whether I'm standing or sitting down.

And a lot more.

With all the difficulties I'm going through, I have but one wish: that good ol' time would do me a favor, fly again, and speed things up. I don't wanna be pregnant anymore. I just want to get this over with.

Add to that the excitement I feel of finally having Issen in my arms.

Mr. Frost reminded me of Rachel of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Remember the episode when Rachel's pregnancy goes beyond her projected delivery date and the pain makes her increasingly irritable? I may not be due to give birth until about ten more weeks, but I suddenly understood how she was feeling.

And of course, when you want time to slow down, it does just exactly the opposite. I have this feeling that the next couple of months would be the longest in my life.

Thank God I'm not being too much of a bitch to drive people around me crazy. Or at least I think I'm handling this pretty much better than Rachel did.

Instead of making people flee by nursing a chip on my shoulder, I keep people away with my obsession with everything that has something to do with Issen.

No, I don't regularly do that. Just a couple of times when I'm being pestered by somebody I don't like in the first place. I talk nonstop about my plans for the baby, my quest for the perfect breast pump, Issen's new dance moves, my baptismal plans, the ninongs and the ninangs, EVERYTHING. I am so evil.

But yes, I am indeed obsessing over those things right now. That's sort of my way to deal with the bitch who's trying to come out and walk over everyone within reach just because she can get away with it by being pregnant. Endlessly thinking about what I'm gonna do as soon as Issen comes keeps me from noticing my aching back and lack of sleep.

But I don't rub it on everyone's faces. Minsan lang, and almost always only to Mr. Frost.

Have to end this now as I still have to continue my quest for the perfect breast pump.

Manual or electronic? Suggestions are welcome!
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2 wisecracks:

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger alynn's ambushed thoughts were:

    sis, manual daw okay according to some of my friends here...u take care!

  • At 1:41 PM, Anonymous euNice's ambushed thoughts were:

    definitely electric. i don't think you will even have the energy to pump manually when you're so tired na! i used electric provided by my health plan after i kept complainisng about the manual pump. mas mabilis pa! :) you take care...

    (jut my opinion based on experience)