My week started with...
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
... friend/officemate Myla giving me a Starbucks 2008 Planner. I'm not really a planner person but the anniversary edition of Starbucks' planner is just so adorable I wanted one so badly.

Myla actually gave one to Mr. Frost last week. I kept on bugging him to give the planner to me but he won't budge. I was asking people here at the office if they can recommend a annulment lawyer (jokingly, of course). When they asked why, I answered, "I'm filing for annulment on the grounds that he won't give me his Starbucks planner."

And that night, Myla gave me my own planner, just so I won't divorce her boss. I so love being Mr. Frost's wife.

I know most of you probably have already seen how the Starbucks 2008 Planner looks like, but I can't help but post a pic here. I actually went crazy and took a loooot of pictures of the planner in all angles, but you'll be thankful that I had the sense to post just this one pic :

Thanks Myla! You made one pregnant woman very happy.

Alas, when we got home at a little before 9PM, Issen was still awake. He gave me one good fight against sleeping and drained me of all my energy. I actually had one of my pregnancy blues episodes during this time and I got sooooo close to snapping and screaming at the innocent little boy. Good thing I was able to control my hormones and kept my "nice mommy" image for Issen.

I can't imagine the trauma Issen will get if his nice and playful "Mom" lost her marbles and suddenly screamed at him for reasons he can't even begin to understand. And I can't forgive myself if Issen did get traumatized because of me.

But my night didn't end when Issen finally fell asleep a few minutes before midnight. I was unable to sleep due to forces beyond my control and the description of those forces, just one particular noise actually, can be found in this previous post.

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