My unbeatable nighttime foe
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
I'm supposed to be sleeping still right now, but I've been awakened by some noise in the room and I can't go back to sleep.

What's funny is, the noise stops whenever I get up from bed and it starts again as soon as I get settled between the sheets. Seriously. It's as if it's intentionally preventing me to sleep. Out of spite.

I got up to go the restroom inside our room and soon as I reach the restroom door, silence. The entire time I was in the restroom, there is absolute silence. So I thought, finally, I can go back to sleep in peace. I'd wish.

As soon as I lie down and this close to falling asleep, the noise starts again. I try to silence it, but it comes back even before I can congratulate myself for getting rid of it. I try to block it out, but its force is much stronger than mine.

To think that I'm especially exhausted last night because Issen put up a good fight against sleeping. That practically drained all the energy left in me.

Add to that the fact that I needed sleep and rest because I have an early meeting tomorrow later and I'm expecting a long day at work.

Ugh. Good luck to me winning over my unbeatable nighttime foe.


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