Where is my reset button?
Monday, January 21, 2008
And just when I thought the start of my week can't get any worse, it did.

As I mentioned, I woke up with a bad case of leg cramps. Then since my hormones have done a good job of try to glue me onto the bed, I got up really late and had to rush preparing for work lest Mr. Frost and SkyClad leave me behind. Bottomline, that's another reason for me to NOT want to go to work, because bathing and getting dressed was rushed.

Anyway, I brought some sort of rice cakes to eat at the office. Being the pregnant beast that I am, I was already hungry by the time we got to work about a couple of hours after breakfast. So I ate the rice cakes while checking my mail and doing my research. After a few minutes, I felt heavier than ever. I felt queasy, and when I looked at my the rice cakes, they're gone. There's half a roll left, so it's not completely gone. I brought four rolls of rice cakes and I realized that wolfing down three and a half rolls in less than 15 minutes will definitely make me feel weird.

Next in line to make my day more miserable was the fact that my company-issued mobile phone broke down. No warnings or signs whatsoever, it just stopped working. Well, first I was trying to call an officemate and I can't hear a damn thing. I figured there must be something with the speaker, but to be sure, I dialed my own number from another mobile phone, and it won't ring at all. It received the call and I can hear the ringing sound on the calling mobile, but no sound is coming from my own phone. I turned it off, thinking maybe a system restart will fix it, but then, it won't turn on anymore. Great.

I'll be bringing it tomorrow to have it fixed, on warranty hopefully, but God knows when I can used it again. And this happened just when I planned to back up the numbers and notes I saved on the phone memory and was hoping I could do so tonight.

On with the mishaps, it's probably because of lack of sleep, but I feel like I'm gonna be sick. I mean really feverish sick. And this made me feel more exhausted than ever. I just hope this fever won't push through. I cna't afford to be sick right now, for so many reasons.

As Mr. Frost usually says when he's having a bad day, I need a "system reset". As in go back to bed, wake up to a new day, and start over. I'm hitting the sheets now, hoping I can rest well enough to "reset."

Reading what I have written here, I definitely, absolutely need to restart my system. My brain isn't functioning well. Ugh.

I certainly hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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