Online Backgammon 101
Friday, January 18, 2008
Ever since I can remember, I am aware that the game backgammon exists. I always associate it with boardgames Snakes and Ladders and Chess. I never learned to play the game, though. I was too busy enjoying Snakes and Ladders. :)

Recently, however, some friends are practically begging me to try and play online backgammon with them. Naturally, I searched the internet since I have no idea how the game is played and I stumbled upon

Not only did they have something to teach you the basic concept of the game, they also have tips and guidelines on how you can make the most of your game online. It's available in six languages so you can be sure you'll meet a lot of players from all over the world. And I didn't feel intimidated at all because they have games for beginners like me, as well as for advanced players who've been playing for quite a while already.


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