2008 Philippine Holidays
Thursday, January 17, 2008
One of the things that Filipino "corporate slaves," a.k.a. the employed individuals, anticipate at the start of the is the schedule of official holidays. Yep, we work our butts off for these holidays - the long weekends, most especially.

Knowing what day the holidays will fall on allows us to plan and schedule our leaves and day offs so we can make the most of those holiday long weekends and make them longer.

So get your calendars and leave forms ready, my dear fellow corporate slaves, and refer to this partial list of non-working holidays, resulting to long weekends, from The Official Website of the Republic of the Philippines for whatever purpose it may serve you.

Tue 01 January - New Year's Day

Monday 25 February - EDSA Revolution Anniversary (Somebody commented that GMA loves to GMA loves to piss off the Aquinos these days so we shouldn't be surprised if this won't be declared as a non-working holiday. Hey, don't shoot the messenger, the rumor didn't come from me.)

MARCH - To the unholies like me, book your trip to the beaches! I, on the other hand, will be staying at home waiting for Baby Frost #2 to come out.
March 20 Maundy Thursday
March 21 Good Friday
March 22 Black Saturday
March 23 Easter Sunday

Monday 07 April - Araw ng Kagitingan (in lieu of Wed 09 Apr)

Monday 05 May - Labor Day (in lieu of Thu 01 May)

Monday 16 June - Independence Day (in lieu of Thu 12 Jun)

Nothing for July. It's my birthday month! Why didn't anyone important choose to be born or die during this month?!?!?! Just kidding.

Monday 25 August - Ninoy Aquino Day (in lieu of Thu 21 Aug & concurrent with National Heroes Day.)

Nothing for September either, except if you're still in school, there's Mama Mary's birthday on the 8th, that falls on a MOnday.

Monday 13 October - Eid'l Fitr (Hooray for our Muslim brothers!)

Saturday 01 November - All Saints' Day falls on a Saturday. Let us all join hands and pray that Friday, October 31 will be declared as a non-working day.

Monday 01 December - Bonifacio Day (in lieu of Sun 30 Nov)


Presenting, the mother of all holidays, the Adam and Eve of long weekends, we're giving a new meaning to the 12 days of Christmas with this 12-day long weekend!

1. Wednesday 24 December - Official Last-Minute Shopping Holiday, somebody said.
2. Thursday 25 December - Christmas Day
3. Friday 26 December - One of your leaves must be saved for this. Not many Filipinos go to work when a Friday is sandwiched between (do you really think Pinoys will go to work on this day???!!!)
4. Saturday 27 December
5. Sunday 28 December
6. Monday 29 December - Rizal Day (in lieu of December 30)
7. Tuesday 30 December - (refer to No. 3 above)
8. Wednesday 31 December - Last Day of the Year Holiday (declared by GMA)
9. Thursday 01 January - New Year's Day...
10. Friday 02 January - (again, refer to Nos. 3 and 7 above. Seriously, do you think anyone would intend to work on this day??!)
11. Saturday 03 January
12. Sunday 04 January

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