My unfinished EON-Paypal experience
Friday, January 18, 2008
As I promised, here are the details of my application for a Unionbank EON Debit Card. I haven't utilized the card yet, but let's talk about that later.

1. I applied for an EON Visa Electron card through their online application form.

2. After less than a week, I received an email notifying me that I could claim the card to my preferred branch (as indicated in my application) after 3 working days. I waited about five days just to be sure then I went to pick up my card.

3. I didn't encounter any problem in claiming my card since the bank staff considered my IDs valid. Click here to see the application requirements. I filled up some forms and paid the Php350.00 annual fee. I was informed that the card will be activated after 24 hours.

4. The next day, I enrolled in their Eon CyberAccount Online Banking After registration, I was informed that my account will be fully activated - meaning I will be able to access and manage my account online - after two days.

5. The same day, right after I enrolled in their online banking thing, I tried adding my EON debit card to my Paypal account. My card was rejected, though, and I assumed this is because my account isn't fully activated yet.

6. After 48 hours, I tried logging on my EON CyberAccount. I was able to log in and I was prompted to change my transaction password. After that, I was brought to the account dashboard and found the links necessary for online banking.

7. I then tried adding my card to my Paypal cards. Unfortunately, Paypal still rejected my card. Some threads said that I need to have some kind of transaction history for that account for Paypal to accept it.

Others said I need to have some credit in that account because Paypal will charge me $1.99 for verification purposes. But the status of my Paypal account is "Verified" already as I've used a different card to enroll my account to their Expanded Use program.

This is my dead end. I am stuck.

I am still unable to link my EON Debit card to my Paypal account. I have no immediate need to withdraw my Paypal funds, but I just hate stumbling upon roadblocks like this.

Can somebody help me please?

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