Monday wishful thinking
Monday, January 21, 2008
So far, the first day of the week has been pretty boring for me. Lifeless. Monotonous. Humdrum. Insipid. Give me more adjectives please! :)

The day didn't start well for me anyway. I was woken up by a terrible leg cramp. My body felt heavy and Mr. Frost had to practically use all of his energy to pry me off the bed. I so didn't want to go to work today.

Ironically, it's days like these that makes me want to try somethng new, something I don't usually do, like online slots at online casinos. I've never done that before because one, I'm not really into whatever sort of gambling, no matter how innocent it may be; and two, I don't have much resources to spare and use for gambling.

However, I find these things very interesting. And I want to know more how these sites give their patrons the best value for their money, including security. There are a lot players that log on to these sites everyday, and it's important I guess that those managing it are very professional, knowing how to establish a fair game for everyone.

Oh well, I just might try it one of these days. When there's not much work to do and I finally have enough extra moolah to enjoy these sites.


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