The third trimester begins
Sunday, January 20, 2008
Oh God, I'm feeling soooo pregnant all of a sudden.

I was kinda wondering the past few days why I get tired more easily than before, why my body seems a lot heavier, why I feel like staying bed longer than usual. Then I realized, my third trimester has begun.

Seriously, I know I'm pregnant and pregnant women weigh a lot more than, but man, I tell you, I feel like my arms and legs weigh a ton each. And would you believe I get tired feel exhausted just by reading Issen his books? correction, after reading Issen just two books. And mornings can be really hard. Aside from the leg cramps, Mr. Frost really has a hard time convincing me that I have to get up if I'm going to work or else we'll be late and SkyClad will kill us.

I can't wait to give birth.

I want to feel lighter and move more freely again. I want to have more energy to spend quality time with Issen. I know I'll have a newborn babe to care for, but you actually think I'll forget about other sweetpie? No way. And I really feel bad that I have so many restrictions when caring for Issen because of my pregnancy - but I don't feel bad about my unborn baby, don't get me wrong - and I want to make it up to him (Issen) as soon as those restrictions are lifted.

Aaah, the joys and pains of motherhood. I'm so loving every minute of it.

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