The quest for a ride to pimp
Monday, January 21, 2008
Mr. Frost and I are actively looking for a car. We realized our dire need for a means of transportation when we had to bring Issen to the hospital late at night for his allergies. Good thing SkyClad was still around, but we really can't rely on him forever, can we?

Having our own car is a big help also when grocery shopping at the nearby mall when it's hard to get a cab on the way home. It would also be useful in bringing Issen to the pedia and me to the OB for our check-ups. And Baby Frost #2 due a couple of months from now, I'd be confident that we can get to the hospital ASAP if we have our own ride.

Since we don't have the cash to buy whatever car we can afford, second-hand or brand new (but most probably second-hand), we're also looking at bank financing options and auto loans.

There are actually a lot of auto loans and fincancing that we can choose from, but it's getting the best one that suits our financial capacity that we have to consider. Good thing there are companies offering services to help you determine which auto loan is best for you. That could really save you a lot of time and resources, not to mention avoiding being fooled by scammers and huge hidden charges.

We certainly hope we find something at least before I give birth. I can't imagine experiencing labor pains in the middle of the night while standing by the roadside waiting for a cab. Ugh.


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