Something good out of video gaming
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Here's something for video game critics, to all those who insist that video games are nothing but violence.

A gamer actually saved a life using information/abilities he acquired through playing video games.

You heard me read it right.

Paxton Galvanek of Silver Spring, MD witnessed a vehicular accident while driving along an interstate highway. His wife called 911 while he ran to the vehicle to help. He applied first aid to the driver who had critical injuries.
Paxton wrapped a towel he found around the man's hand, applied pressure to the wound, and instructed the victim to hold his hand above his head. He then attended to the head cut and determined that injury was not as severe as the hand.

Anybody who's had a medical training knows that when attending to accidents like this, you don't just "apply first aid." You have to be sure of what you're gonna do because one wrong move could be the difference between life and death. Galvanek's quick thinking and fast action saved the man's life.

"So this Galvanek guy must have had a medical training to know what he did. Big Deal."

Thing is, Galvanek never had a single medical training in his life. He learned of the methods he used to help this crash victim from the game America's Army.

This story makes me so damn proud to be gamer. At least I think I still am a gamer. My gaming hours have been significantly reduced since I became I mom. Still, I'm so proud for gamers.

Click here for the complete story.

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