Project: Newbie poker tournament
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Okay, here's the deal.

I'm definitely gonna try out one of the Online Casinos available on the net to learn how to play poker. I need to learn poker, and I need to learn fast.


Because there are rumors going around that the guys who have their regular poker nights will hold a poker tournament at the office. Thing is, the only ones who can join are those who haven't played a single real-life poker in their lives. And only ten individuals can join.

During the tournament night, each newbie will have "pro" partner. Lots will be drawn to determine who goes with who. The pro have 30mins to teach the newbie the basics of the game. Then there's one trial game, no stakes, no buy-ins, but no bending of rules. This is one game that the pros can do full "coaching" to their newbies. After the trial game, the real gambling begins. Pros can still coach their newbies, but only to a certain level to be determined and finalized on tournament night.

There are a lot at stake, at least for the pros: honor, dignity, and of course, money. :)

One of the pros, who's been bugging me endlessly to join them on their poker night, is convincing me to join the tournament. He said it's gonna be fun, and I have nothing to lose because the newbies won't be spending anything. All the buy-ins and stakes will be shouldered by the pros, but the winnings will definitely be split 50/50 between the partners.

I'm actually considering it. He's right, I have nothing to lose, and it's definitely gonna be fun learning something new AND hearing the pros trash talk each other is an absolute bonus.

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