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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
I was kinda complaining yesterday that I'm having a boring and miserable day, wasn't I?

Well today was definitely not boring nor miserable. Thank God the mishaps did not continue today. I was kept busy by work and my new project, which will be disclosed to the public soon.

Anyway, I mentioned that my company-issued phone broke down yesterday. For the longest time, I was kinda proud that I didn't have to buy a mobile phone nor prepaid load because the company provides me with a unit and a post-paid line. For the longest time, I didn't find the need for a secondary phone. Until a couple of weeks ago.

Say hello to my secondary second-hand phone . I chose Nokia 6510 because I used to have one back in college, but I lost it just three months after I bought it. I loved that phone so much and I wasn't able to fully enjoy it. So when I thought of buying a secondary phone for G-cash purposes, I wanted nothing but a 6510.

I know it's so simple and doesn't have fancy features, but I don't care. I don't need those features anyway. I don't need a camera phone because I have nice digicam. I don't know what other features the latest more expensive phones offer, but I don't need them. I just need something for SMS and calls. My trusty and cute 6510 does that well.

And now that my primary phone broke down, I have my 6510 to save me from being fully disconnected from the world. I kept my personal SIM, inserted my company line on it, and voila! Instant reconnection.

I just hope hope it won't take too long for my other phone to be fixed so I can use my 6510 for the purpose I bought it for.


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