My tooth "dies" with Heath Ledger
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
While everyone is mourning the recent death of Australian-born actor Heath Ledger, I grieve the breaking of my tooth. Due to pistachios.

Yes, pathetic as it may sound, a pistachio broke my tooth. Although I'm not putting all the blame on the poor nut, because pregnant women tend to have weaker bones and teeth, thus the need for calcium supplement. Also, the damaged tooth was not really in its top shape. As I was not that keen on taking care of my teeth, the tooth was damaged by tooth cavity and was restored through temporary dental composite, or pasta as it is more commonly known in the Philippines. But I assure you I never had halitosis, just in case some jerk I know reacts to my poor dental care. See, I know how you think!

I feel so uncomfortable. I was told that I can't undergo any dental procedure because of my pregnant state. However, if it gets too uncomfortable for me, I'll go the dentist and ask him to do what he can do to make me feel better.

And no, I'm not gonna start hating pistachios because of this, so bring me all the pistachios in the world as my comfort food.

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