The waiting game...
Sunday, October 29, 2006
Finally, I was able to get everything ready for Issen's arrival. That includes getting some stuff that hospital nurse listed and required me to bring upon my admission.

My hospital bag and Issen's baby bag are sitting on a very visible place at the center of the house. All his diapers, clothes, blankets, and other necessities are neatly folded and kept inside the new cabinet. Mr. Frost and I even bought a new mattress for the bed as I want to co-sleep with Issen to make it easy for me to breastfeed during the night.

Yes, I am determined to breastfeed. I am excited about it actually. If you would notice on Issen's checklist, we've got everything except feeding bottles for formula milk, apart from the ones given by SkyClad. I am purposely delaying buying bottles in the hopes that it will condition my mind and my body that breastfeeding is the only way to go, making my breastmilk come sooner and more abundant. A lot of people actually told me that I should have at least half a dozen of 4-oz bottles ready, just in case my beautiful breasts fail me. But that's just my point. If I have those bottles, my mind will be conditioned not to force my body to produce milk because we have a Plan B. No way, man. Unless my lactation consultant tells me that I am drier than the Sahara, I will not buy those feeding bottles for formula milk.

I know, of course, that I would be needing those feeding bottles as containers for my expressed breastmilk but that could come later on. On that note, to those who plan to give bottles as gifts, I would appreciate it so much if you could give me the ones that I can use to store my breastmilk with. I actually prefer a specific kind, the one that goes well with my breast pump, but you could just ask me about that. Or you can just check out Issen's wishlist for more information on what we need.

Anyway, it's funny how I went through what they call "nesting." After a whole afternoon of shopping for Issen's stuff and walking around the mall, I still have the strength and determination to clean the room, move the bed around to make space for the new cabinet, get Issen's clothes inside the cabinet, etc. Of course, I didn't do all those things by myself, I had help. But the point is, the force won't let me rest unless I get all those things done. Immediately. Funny thing for a self-declared lazybone.

By the way, last Wednesday, October 25, during my visit, my OB performed an IE on me and said that my cervix has opened. She was so convinced that I will give birth anytime during the week. (That's why I was so determined to get everything ready.) If I don't get the labor pains until today, I am to go back to her tomorrow, Monday, October 30.

Well, guess what? I'm sitting here writing this blog entry so you probably know that Issen is making me play the waiting game.

Seriously, I can't wait to give birth. They say that labor begins when you feel strong contractions. I honestly don't know how those contractions really feel, as they say it's similar to when my tummy "hardens", which started happening when I was on my 28th week, so I don't really know if what I'm feeling is labor contraction already. I'm now relying on gut feel and continuously telling Issen to make it easy for me and just come out already. I hope he listens and comes out real soon.

Like now. As in right now would be a good time to come out.

My whole family is fervently praying that I don't give birth on the 1st of November, as we all know the misconception of the public on that date. It's supposed to be a nice date to be born on as it is the All Saint's Day. But no, people have to associate November 1 with the dead and all the spooky stuff. That's Halloween, for crying out loud! And Halloween is celebrated on October 31st! But no matter how I think about the date November 1, I still hope I don't give birth on that date, for Issen's sake.

My apologies if I am not making any sense here. My mind is still preoccupied with observing every single thing I feel in my uterus. Ouch! Was that a real contraction? I probably should start timing these things.

Hopefully, my next post would be my birthing story already. Wish me luck!
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    For the sake of ISsen, I wish he wouldn't be born on that date...why? Kase his classmates won't be able to attend his future birthday parties cause everyone will be in the provinces! Oh well, i'm sure any day he will be born in will be extremely special for your family!!

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    have a safe delivery sis!