Naming the Frostlings
Thursday, March 13, 2008
I wasn't able to post on this blog for two days because I was too busy preparing myself for the approaching D-day of Kobe.

And I can't believe I haven't posted about Baby Frost #2's name! What the hell is happening to me?

Baby Frost #2 will be known to the mortal world as Corvinus Keith, or Kobe for short. For the benefit of those who doesn't know yet, Mr. Frost has a couple of demands when it comes to naming his sons:
  1. The full name must always include Keith as the second name. He didn't used to care if it is used as the first or second name, as long as it appears in the child's birth certificate. But apparently, that changed and now he wants his sons to share his initials.
  2. The first name should start with a letter "C". And it should go and sound well with Keith.

Issen's full name is Constantine Keith. Actually, we were dead set on naming him Corvinus Keith, but God knows why we changed our minds a couple of days before he was born and wrote Constantine Keith on his birth certificate instead. Probably because John Constantine was way hotter in the movie than what I pictured him to be while reading Hellblazer. I could already see Mr. Frost rolling his eyes, with a thought bubble above his head saying, "What a BS!"

Now where did we get the name Corvinus?

I loved the movie Underworld. Need I say more? For more details, check out this Wikipedia entry.

And where did the nickname Kobe come from?

No, we're NOT fans of Kobe Bryant. In fact, I hate the guy, but Kobe is just the perfect nickname. If a kid who can barely talk will say the name "Corvinus", it would sound something like "Ko-be-nu". And it sounds Japanese, because it is actually a name of a Japanese City.

And yeah, for the last time, we got Issen from a video game, Onimusha 3 to be specific. That's what you get for having geeks as your parents.

Judging by the way we name our kids, you might think we're weird. Wait till you meet us in person.

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