Going down under
Thursday, March 13, 2008
Our friend Don has already migrated to Australia to be with his wife. He's been there for about two years now. Our circle of friends are still in touch, of course, and Don never stopped convincing us to go there and visit him. He must really miss us that much. :)

Anyway, he's in Middle Park, Queensland, but he said he's willing to meet us anywhere in the country if that would be more convenient for us. He raved about the Sydney Hotels and Melbourne Hotels. Apparently, staying in hotels in those cities are not as expensive as we think, but much more comfortable than we could expect.

A couple of weeks ago, he and his wife spent the weekend at one of the more affordable Brisbane Hotels and went to the 2008 Brisbane Adult Sexpo. Of course, most of his stories were about the expo he attended, but he never forgot to mention how comfortable they were in their hotel.

He even offered to bring us to the beach where the family of the late Heath Ledger held the ceremonies before his interment. The beach is apparently just near the best and most affordable Perth Hotels. I'm not a big fan of Heath Ledger until recently when I saw the trailer of his latest movie, Batman The Dark Knight (his performance as The Joker was comparable to Jack Nicholson. He's that good), but I won't say no to a good swim on the beach. :)

Maybe when the kids are old enough to travel, we'll find ourselves on a vacation down under.


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    I'm also not a fan of Heath Ledger but when friends from Bangkok visited us we went to that beach where the funeral ceremonies were held. By their request we had to arrange a tour for them.