Temporary system back online
Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Apparently, none of you wished me luck in my attempt to get my new PC running smoothly over the weekend that's why until now, despite spending a couple of sleepless nights and several restless hours at the office, there are still glitches in my new PC.

It's running okay, but I can't use some necessary programs because (1) I encounter errors while installing them, or (2) they won't run after I install them. Either way, my obsessive-compulsive side won't let me rest until I got everything straightened out.

But since there are more important things I need to attend to, I had to let Mr. Frost do his magic on the PC. He's got something up his sleeve and he promised the PC will be running smoothly by this weekend.

Let's hope he's right.

Let me catch up on some deadlines first, then I'll spill the news on the goings-on on the home front.

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