New month, new toys
Friday, February 01, 2008
It's the first day of the second month of the year! And what do I get?

A new workstation AND a new PC at home! Ah yeah!

Yep, that's the reason why I wasn't able to update my blog yesterday. I was busy backing up my files - at work during the day and at home come night time.

I finally moved (physically) to my new office. It's a temporary set up, though, because renovations will take place soon so we'll still be moving around the area. But I got pretty much settled down with the workstation assigned to me. Much faster, more space, better graphics, and wider, flatter monitor! Work feels better already.

And Mr. Frost insisted we get a new PC this (payday) time. My old PC at home has been begging for a replacement, an upgrade at least, for the longest time. The one we got costs actually a bit higher than what we expected to be, but at least we won't have to worry for another updgrade for at least two years. We just chose a pre-built CPU package because my monitor is still working fine, but hell, I've got a much faster PC, with more space and better graphics, to do my blogs with!

My new home PC isn't set up yet. Mr. Frost will attend to it this weekend. So that means no pics yet. I'll post the pics tomorrow. Can't wait! Am soooooo excited!

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