Pre-tournament jitters
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
My apologies for not being able to post more interesting entries the past couple of days. I spent the whole weekend, aside from spending quality time with my baby boy, trying out each and every Casino Online that's easy enough for me to understand.

As I mentioned sometime last week, some guys from work are holding a poker tournament for newbies, who will be coached by those who have their regular poker nights.

The weekend wasn't enough for me, though, to actually learn the basics of the game, much more get a couple of tricks and techniques. If you think about it, I only had about five hours total of "research" time last weekend as the little boy was extra clingy and refused to let me out of his sight.

Anyway, I really need to learn the tricks of the poker trade on my own. I'm not relying on those poker guys to be teaching me anything in thirty minutes as all of them are self-confessed poor teachers. Besides, my would-be pro coach would probably be too nervous to actually impart poker knowledge to me and I would definitely be too annoyed to understand and pick up anything.

I'm praying hard that this would be one of those times that the internet would be my savior.


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