Do you know self-defense?
Friday, January 25, 2008
Even before we got married, Mr. Frost and I have decided to bring our kids up with martial arts and/or self defense training. No, we don't want our kids to be showboats or bullies, but we don't want them to be beaten up either. We just want them to be able to protect themselves. Of course we'll instill discipline as well so they'll use their training only for appropriate times.

My first choice is Muay Thai training, as I am impressed beyond words with Tony Jaa of Ong-Bak. As early as now, we're already scouting for venues for any Close Combat Training. We found several in the metro, but we still have to verify what they are teaching there.

Over the internet, however, I found Captain Chris' Close Combat website. He is apparently a World Leader In Self Defense. I'm curious about his program, which includes explanation of the different kinds of martial arts. Actually, they offer a free quiz/trivia where they'll "challenge you to see if you know what training discipline (karate, judo, krav maga, etc.) qualifies as a cultural fighting art, what is a combative sport, and what is real self defense." I took the test and found the results and answers very interesting and informative.

Captain Chris claims that his program will help you learn more about The Truth About Martial Arts, something that has been commercialized and "tainted" the past several years. In my opinion, the term "martial arts" has been corrupted well enough that only few can tell what it really is.

I guess the program is worth checking out. I'll be trying the "test drive" they're offering and let you know what I think of it. Better yet, why don't you try it yourself? You just might find it useful.

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