Payday loans
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Several weeks back, Mr. Frost's company (a subsidiary of the international company I recently moved to) announced that starting February, salary will be released once a month. The current setup is twice-a-month payday - during the 15th and 30th of each month.

I'm not sure if we're prepared for this kind of cash flow. I'm thinking this would give us the false impression that we have lots of money because we were used to getting a particular amount every payday. On the other hand, this will help us manage our finances better and eliminate the need for payday loans.

Not that many establishments offer that kind of service, but in the United States, many individuals get by and are able to make ends meet through these kinds of loans. A couple of payday loan services I've seen on the internet boast of overnight release of funds once approved. And the approval process? Very fast and easy as they don't require you to fax documents of any sort.

If such service is already available in the country, I'm not aware of it. If you think about it, such service can be of big help to those who encounter financial emergencies in between paydays. You just have to be sure not to abuse such service or you'll end up being in deeper trouble.


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