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Saturday, February 02, 2008
Speaking of toys, a good friend is trying to talk us into getting a new flat screen TV. See, he bought himself a hot, spanking, new LCD TV last Christmas. And now, he's claiming that he just wants us to experience game and movie graphics like we've never experienced before, as he is experiencing now.

Just for the heck of it, I pretended that I have cash hard enough to get the best high-end, high-definition TV I could buy. I browsed through the internet, and clueless I may be for the factors I should be considering in buying HDTVs, I found some items really impressive.

I never knew you could get 19-inch LCD TVs for only $350. I mean, I know that these kinds of flats are common nowadays, but I always thought they cost much more. Well, the $350 type is definitely not at par with the more expensive, more complicated ones but hey, I grew up and am still using an ordinary non-flat TV so $350 for a flat screen TV is good enough for me.

I also stumbled upon great deals for those bigger, higher end LCD screens. They sure are making owning a nice toy of a 47-inch flat screen TV a lot easier with those price deals. Imagine owning one of the best LCD TVs in the market today while being able to save as much as $150. Imagine what you can buy with that extra $150. I'd buy something to enjoy my TV with, definitely.

Ah, the finer things in life. They sure make you want to have them every time you see them. Too bad I just had imaginary "cold cash". I would have bought myself a 57-inch HDTV just so I can see the freckles under all the make up of some actor in whatever movie I feel like criticizing. :)

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