EON-Paypal experience conclusion
Saturday, February 09, 2008
A few weeks ago, I posted about my unfinished business with EON Visa Debit card and Paypal.

Last week, I got some updates.

Indeed, your EON Visa Debit card must have some credit (I'm not sure of the minimum amount) for Paypal to accept it when you add it to your list of credit/debit cards. A relative from the province needed to pay me for the computer I sold him, and I gave him my Unionbank EON account number so he can deposit the payment in that account. Very convenient, as this means I don't have to go to the bank anymore to deposit money just so I can enroll my EON card on Paypal.

Once the payment reflected in my account, I immediately logged on my Paypal account and tried adding my EON card. SUCCESS! I can't describe how relieved I am when I got the congratulatory message. I went on and applied for the Expanded Use Program.

On that same week, I tried withdrawing some of my Paypal funds to my bank account. Again, I used my EON account. Paypal said that depending on my bank's policy my funds should be transferred to my bank account in 5-7 days. I got it in 4 working days.

I think I'm one of the lucky few who didn't encounter any problems in withdrawing their Paypal funds. Apparently, hundreds experience pending withdrawals to Visa Cards that take more than 5 days. Paypal has already released an announcement regarding this, though. It's a very good thing they are aware of the problem.

Anyway, on the same day that my funds got transferred to my EON account, I called the Unionbank Customer Support to get my EXPUSE number. Thankfully, the agent was aware of it (I've heard people calling the customer support only to be answered by an agent who hasn't even heard of Paypal). So I got my EXPUSE number and completed my card enrollment.

Only then did I found out that Expanded Use program enrollment was done per card and not per Paypal account.

There. I've encountered some roadblocks in my quest to utilize both my Paypal account and my EON Visa Debit card, but I am so thankful that those roadblocks were small enough to overcome just by patiently waiting for several days.

I hope my future Paypal transactions will be this smooth, if not smoother.

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