MommyOnTop Launches!
Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Let the nagging begin...

Finally, the project I've been working on (with interruptions, of course ) these past few weeks is now ready for it's official public appearance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present, MommyOnTop.

MommyOnTop is a web blog aiming to pay tribute to working mothers who stay on top of their careers and family life, i.e. unruly children, messy house, and demanding husbands.

Seriously, And yeah, I’d like people to be aware as well that mothers/wives have opinions on almost everything that happens around her, especially on things that may affect or have an influence in her children’s development and her family’s well-being, and MommyOnTop will be my avenue for this. In short, MommyOnTop will be the blog of Meng the (Feeling) Supermom.

Ambushed Thoughts will remain to exist as my journal as Meng the Goddess, or the Clown, or the Gamer, or the "Anything but a Mother". You chose. But whether you like it or not, Ambushed Thoughts will remain as the blog of Meng the B*tch.

So my fellow supermoms, redirect your browsers to

My fellow evil-souls-who-are-plotting-world-domination, stay here. You are way too evil to understand my views as a mother and a wife.


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